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Board your dog for an overnight stay or drop off for the day.

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4 weeks of obedience training and behavior shaping for your dog with us at our facility.

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Our experienced & professional trainers will teach you how to train and work with your own dog.


A unique opportunity to take a deep dive into specific issues & concerns you’re facing with your dog.



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Trang Masser
Trang Masser
I highly recommend Patriot Canine Services. We had a hard time finding a dog trainer we trusted after multiple google searches and consultations. We were so happy we found Patriot Canine Services. Chad's property is beautiful and the dogs are able to do runs in a safe and fenced area. My husband and I were very impressed and pleased with Patriot Canine's board and train services. We will definitely use their boarding services because we know our German shepherd will be in good hands. Thank you again Chad and Tracy!!
Taylor Zackman
Taylor Zackman
Chad and his team are amazing at what they do. After 4 weeks of board & train, our dog returned to us with so many skill sets that help in everyday life. Before training, we couldn’t even take our pup in public places due to his reactive tendencies. Now, we are able to take him through Home Depot and other public places without a worry. He listens, is an amazing walker, and always wants to train. I couldn’t thank Patriot Canine Services enough for all they have done for our family. I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for an obedient dog after training. We will continue to use Chad and his team for all of our dogs in the future. Chad and Tracy are also amazing people and truly care about your dog and it’s progress!
Penny Sapp
Penny Sapp
This was our first experience with a trainer and we couldn’t have asked for a better one. Took our new shepherd puppy to them and it made a big difference in his behavior and his obedience. Leash walking was so difficult before and now our dog walks, stays and other commands very well. The training we received was beyond our expectations.. You can tell Chad truly cared about our dog and his love for what he does. Thank you Patriot Canine Services.
Eddie Gonzalez
Eddie Gonzalez
Let me start this review by saying I don’t take the time to write many reviews, and this is not my first experience using a dog trainer. Back in March of 2021 my family and I decided it was time to get a puppy even though we were limited on the time it takes to train one. After about two weeks of researching and interviewing trainers in the area, a friend recommended Chad with Patriot Canine. It was hands down the best recommendation we have ever received! Chad came to the house, did an evaluation of our Boxer, Apollo, and after discussing goals and expectations, we opted for the board and train program. Apollo had the typical puppy issues; chewing, housebreaking and typical Boxer lack of attention span. While Apollo was away at boarding school, as we called it , we received updates regarding his progress and photos and videos to let us know he was ok. When training was finally over, Chad brought Apollo back to us ready to take instruction and was completely house broken and trained to ring a bell at our door to let us know when he needed to go potty. Chad has a way of communicating with dogs that you have to see to understand and a very simple and structured way of explaining to you how to get the best out of your dog. My favorite thing about Chad is that the relationship never ends , he has checked in on Apollo to make sure he is still behaving and asked us if there was anything we needed pointers on. To me that has been the most impressive part of Chad’s business. We stay in touch to this day, I use him for boarding and the training tips never end. It has been the best investment I’ve made and would do it again given the need. Thank you Chad for making Apollo an amazing companion for our entire family. The Gonzalez’s
Dallas Smith
Dallas Smith
Chad & Tracy are the BEST! Chad’s knowledge of dogs & their behavior is amazing! In just 4 weeks he was able to train our very happy & rambunctious 2.5 year old puppy Am Staff (pitbull breed). We had previously put our pup, Gronk, in puppy training with a different trainer, when he was 3 months old, but it was a class setting and he learned to sit for a treat, but that was about it. Gronk grew so fast and is very stubborn, so that bit of training didn’t help. So for two years we looked for a private trainer like Cesar, the dog whisperer and then we found Chad owner of Patriot Canine Training and wow what a difference! Gronk’s still a puppy, cute & sweet but he listens now, obeys commands and stops negative behavior, plus he walks on and off a leash now. So much more behaved! We were afraid of Gronk changing over the weeks while boarding & the worst part was how much we missed him. But, it was so worth it and Gronk still has his personality, again just well behaved! Chad & Tracy’s place/facility is very nice & very clean, on a beautiful property in a quiet neighborhood. The kennels are also clean, located inside and temperature controlled. We can’t say enough good about our experience or about Chad & Tracy! Absolutely the best! We highly recommend Patriot Canine Training! Jill & Dallas
Kim Wagner
Kim Wagner
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Chad and Tracy did such an amazing job with our Great Dane, Kona! We though she might have been too stubborn and big for training to make much of a difference, but they worked miracles!! They made us feel comfortable from the first time we talked about training, going over goals and setting expectations. They continually provided updates and videos with clear progress every week. When they brought her home, Kona was excited to show off her new obedience skills and you can tell she loves our ongoing practice sessions. We feel so much better knowing she will listen when it matters and life has been so much less stressful just generally with her being so much more manageable around other people with her size, and with her consistently listening to us even around distractions. Can’t recommend Patriot Canine Services highly enough!! Thank you!!
Bonnie Hawkins
Bonnie Hawkins
Chad is an amazing trainer. Tracy sent video's of Hooch when he was with them. I highly recommend these great people. Hooch loved them and taught my old dog new tricks.
Terence James
Terence James
After losing our beloved dogs less than a year apart, the house became too quiet. We concluded my wife would be more comfortable with a dog capable of being a companion and family protector. We weren’t new to dogs, but Rocko was our first German Shepherd. He’s an all-black GSD with a Czech working lineage. He came into our family at eight weeks old with a mouthful of razor blades. I now fully appreciate the “Land Shark” moniker a German Shepherd puppy gets. Having done my due diligence on the breed, followed various trainers, and watched hours of training videos, I was confident I could successfully train Rocko in basic obedience. But that’s like saying I could follow a couple of tennis pros on Youtube and be on my way to Wimbledon. Although Rocko was progressing, I realized I didn’t know what I didn’t know. And I didn’t want to hold him back because of my lack of training experience. I felt like I had a Formula One car on my hands, and all I’d ever driven was a Hyundai. We needed professional help. But where? While scrolling through a German Shepherd Facebook group, I found a rave review for Chad Landry at Patriot Canine Services. The poster said her dog returned from board and train as a new dog. She added the experience was well worth the investment of time and money. When I found out Chad operated out of Ruskin, FL, about an hour from us, I knew finding him was not by chance. He had an opening to join his next board and train session the following weekend. We dropped him off to begin his month of boot camp. It was hard to see him off, but I knew it was a small slice of an entire life ahead. Chad kept us updated on Rocko’s progress with numerous texts and videos. Four weeks later, Chad brought him back home. He showed us Rocko’s new capabilities and what our next steps should be to keep up his training. We were impressed. Chad offers a follow-up visit after the return drop-off. Two weeks later, he returned to the house to see how Rocko was doing. We worked on some new things that applied to our household situation. Chad is professional, personable, and passionate about what he does. When you have questions, he welcomes texts or calls. If you’re looking for a professional trainer, you’ll be pleased with the results from Chad Landry and Patriot Canine Services.

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