Bethany McMillan

Chad was fantastic. The journey started with me reaching out, deciding which training program worked well for me and my dog and then added to wait list! I got the call sooner than expected to start my 7 month old Goldendoodle in training. Chad spent an hour or so easing my mind because as a dog mom I felt so sad that he was leaving for 4 weeks. He sent me updates as often as I liked with videos and even sent one on Christmas Day! The transformation in my dog is amazing. When Chad brought him home after the 4 weeks, he spent an additional 1.5 hours working with me and my pup together to make sure I knew the commands and how to work with him! Since he has been home, Chad has checked on progress, taken a few calls to help me adjust some things I wasn’t understanding! This was the very best decision I ever made! We love this place!